I play rhythm guitar and sing in the Zu. My career began when I was nine years old, thanks to my older sister entrusting me with her 12-string acoustic guitar and showing me some basic chords. At a very young age, I remember listening to my sister and mom singing harmonies. It really imbedded that harmony thing into me. My first gig was at 11 years old, playing Edelweiss for the Christmas show at school. After that, my 6th grade music teacher made me her assistant. Lucky girl, I was!
At 17, I graduated from high school early and while my former classmates were hitting the books, I was working a part-time retail job and hanging out at the local music store, drooling over the electric guitars. One of the guys working in the shop offered to let me play one. I was so hooked, right then and there!!! Realizing the shop didn’t have exactly the right gear for me, he ran around town searching for my first electric guitar and amp - a Fender Duo Sonic guitar from the early 60’s (I still have it) and a great little Fender Princeton amp. At that point I decided to pursue music as a career. Heavily inspired by the Beatles, I started singing, writing and recording original songs and singing backup vocals at a local studio. Soon there after, I released my first original, self-produced 45 rpm.
To celebrate my 21st birthday, my friend Shelley took me out to meet a performer she’d known since the 1960’s, Jerry Zu. Watching City Zu for several years before actually becoming a member, Jerry would have me sit in with them, singing songs like Jailhouse Rock, You’ll Lose A Good Thing or Since I Fell For You.
I continued recording originals, put together a demo tape and headed off to London, England to shop my tape. Why London? Who knows - love the city! Although I had no bites on the tape, it was fun walking into those major record companies, without a care in the world, and shaking the hands of many A&R people.
In the meantime, being that Jerry wasn’t big on having a female in the band who was taller than him, I ended up doing several duos in Seattle and performed as a background singer with NW Wailer, Kent Morrill, before settling on doing a solo act. Musical freedom and a chance to grow.
Many guitars and amps later, Jerry started showing up at my gigs, sitting in with his sax. It was fun and we had good enough onstage chemistry where he decided, maybe there is a place for Kathy in City Zu. So, after making him beg, I began performing with City Zu in the summer of 1994 and now Jerry can't get rid of me. Or, is it the other way around? Something like peanut butter and jelly.
Well, it may not be rock and roll history, but it is Zu history.....like that of an old turtle.